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CB400F Adventures of Dan Larson – Part 1

Self portrait, Long Island City, NY 1984 1975 Honda CB400F and 1949 Pontiac sedan. Shot on Kodak Tri-X with tripod mounted Canon F1 and 50mm 1.4 lens. Printed on Oriental Center F. Bike… Continue reading

CB400F ads

There’s not many ads I can find out there for the CB400F. Here’s everything, everything I could find. Thanks to Honda 4 Fun, SOHC4.net, and Ebay

More CB400F Photos From Italy

I found these Honda CB400F photos here while looking around on google. I love finding stuff like this!

CB400F Decal Positioning

An awesome illustration showing the proper decal positioning on the Honda CB400F gas tank and side covers. Found here on this SOHC 4 forum.

1975 – The Year of the 4 into 1 Super Sport – CB400F, CB550F & CB750F

1975 Honda CB400F “The CB400F was a milestone model for Honda Motor Company. Awesome handling characteristics paired with a no-frills approach at a time when Café style racers were not yet nostalgic, made… Continue reading

3 years of CB400F

The 3 magic years of CB400F. 1975, 1976 and 1977. Here’s a some photos I found from each year. There were other colors like blue and white I think. Here’s some info about… Continue reading

photos from skatofix

cb400f photos from a friend in italy skatofix