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Moto Revue Honda CB750

1960’s Honda Factory Tour

John Travolta – Honda Motorcycle Commercial


La Honda 750 – La Moto Du Siecle


Bakuhatsu! Bosozoku – Detonation! Violent Riders

Bakuhatsu! Bosozoku – Detonation! Violent Riders Detonation: Violent Riders is the first installment in Toei’s series of bosozoku biker gang films. Formed by youngsters grown tired of traditional Japanese school and societal systems, the… Continue reading

The Aoyama Joker’s in the 70’s n 80’s

All Crazy Race United – 53 – Teddy Boys – Aoyama Joker’s – Bosozoku Japanese Motorcycles Gangs

The Solid Gold Sound

12 Tops. The Solid Gold Sound! Today’s Top Hits and Honda motorcycles!

The Hondells

  What’s this? A fake surf band from the 60’s, named after Honda motorcycles! But check out some of these tough song titles, Haulin’ Honda, Two Wheel Show Stopper, Wild One, Death Valley… Continue reading