105 mph on a stock CB400F

“Samson. 105 mph on a stock CB400F”. By photographer Scott G Toepfer. I wish my CB400F went that fast. This is a still photo from the It’s Better In The Wind Video. Great footage of a… Continue reading

The Bimota HB1 Kit For Honda CB400F

The Italian motorcycle manufacturer Bimota started out making motorcycles in 1973 with the HB1. And from what I gather, they also made a conversion kit for the CB400F! Here’s a look at the original 750… Continue reading

1975 – The Year of the 4 into 1 Super Sport – CB400F, CB550F & CB750F

1975 Honda CB400F “The CB400F was a milestone model for Honda Motor Company. Awesome handling characteristics paired with a no-frills approach at a time when Café style racers were not yet nostalgic, made… Continue reading

more honda CB400F photos

More Honda CB400F photos from the CB400F Flickr group. and Flickriver

3 years of CB400F

The 3 magic years of CB400F. 1975, 1976 and 1977. Here’s a some photos I found from each year. There were other colors like blue and white I think. Here’s some info about… Continue reading

purple haze

another nice clean honda CB400F for inspiration

clean red n black cb400f

photos from skatofix

cb400f photos from a friend in italy skatofix


CB400F wiring diagram

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