1975 – The Year of the 4 into 1 Super Sport – CB400F, CB550F & CB750F

1975 Honda CB400F “The CB400F was a milestone model for Honda Motor Company. Awesome handling characteristics paired with a no-frills approach at a time when CafĂ© style racers were not yet nostalgic, made… Continue reading

more honda CB400F photos

More Honda CB400F photos from the CB400F Flickr group. and Flickriver

3 years of CB400F

The 3 magic years of CB400F. 1975, 1976 and 1977. Here’s a some photos I found from each year. There were other colors like blue and white I think. Here’s some info about… Continue reading

purple haze

another nice clean honda CB400F for inspiration

clean red n black cb400f

photos from skatofix

cb400f photos from a friend in italy skatofix


CB400F wiring diagram

exploded views + parts list

here’s the exploded views and parts list for the honda CB400F super sport. i found it online somewhere, so the credit’s not mine. cb400f parts list

1975 Honda Super Sport CB400F