Psychomania!  Motorcycles, Cool stylin outfits, the living dead, zombies, black magik, rituals, a motorcycle gang, motorcycle girls, The Seven Witches, English accents, skull helmets and more! This movie might be a bit more frightening than you think. In the movie, all the “Living Dead” motorcycle gang kill them selves off, one by one, because they’ve found out how to return as the living dead! The strange thing is, right after the movie was finished the lead actor who played Shadwell, the leader of the gang and guy who made the deal with the devil, He kills himself in real life! Maybe he really did make a deal with the devil? Maybe he’s still around?


Tom Latham enjoys riding his motorcycle with his girlfriend and loves his mother, but he is no ordinary fellow. He is an amiable teen psychopath, clearly modeled on Alex of A Clockwork Orange fame. Like Alex, he has an unusual pet (a toad) and a distinctive catch phrase, “hello, little green friend.”

Tom is the leader of a violent teen gang, which ride motorcycles and dabble in Black Magic, and call themselves “The Living Dead”. In a similar vein, his mother and her sinister butler get their kicks out of holding séances in their home. With her help and following in his father’s footsteps, Tom makes a pact with the devil to return from the dead. One by one, he and his fellow bikers commit suicide with the goal of returning as one of the “undead”. Not all succeed but the ones who do, gather together at a secret place called “The Seven Witches” (a circle of standing stones), after which they continue to terrorize the locals.

This was one of the last films of George Sanders, who committed suicide soon after its completion.

Despite having a following amongst fans of cult British cinema, Nicky Henson is publicly very critical of Psychomania.

In August 2011, UK based label Spoke Records reissued John Cameron’s Frog “Witch Hunt/Living Dead” Psychomania theme music on a limited edition vinyl 7″.