Honda CB750 Choppers!


You gotta check out if you haven’t already. There’s so much cool stuff. Vintage Honda chopper photos, old chopper catalogues! The Honda Chopper Bible, Tons of how to articles, and much more. A whole secret world of 70’s and 80’s Honda choppers.


“Choppers ARE the people who ride them- they’re inventive, fast and free, and of course, they’re resisting repression. There’s a grain of boldness in everything ChopperHedz do. And that boldness, that spirit of individuality, that proverbial “I am,” speaks a language that isn’t heard in mass produced machines. The bikes of ChopperHedz are built to threaten convention andinspire individuality. Our bikes are a uniquely American form of motorcycle, just as Jazz is a uniquely American form of music. This site is a dedicated tribute to the solitary souls who split the night with their ungodly roar searching for whatever is left of the great Frontier.”