1975 – The Year of the 4 into 1 Super Sport – CB400F, CB550F & CB750F


1975 Honda CB400F

“The CB400F was a milestone model for Honda Motor Company. Awesome handling characteristics paired with a no-frills approach at a time when Café style racers were not yet nostalgic, made the Honda CB400F an instant classic.”



1975 Honda CB550F

“At £975, the CB550 is cheap enough to fall within easy HP reach of most bikers and possesses performance that makes you wonder why you ever considered buying the CB750. We dubbed the CB400 a Poor Boy’s Musclebike; the CB550 is that and more. More weight, more muscle, more torque and more pure motorcycling enjoyment.”

Bike Magazine 1975  found at  motorcyclespecs.co.za


1975 Honda 750F

“The CB750 transformed the face of motorcycling in three ways. First it set down the design template for the modern superbike with its inline four, high-tech, specification. Second, it cemented the burgeoning Japenese manufacturers as the new force in motorcycling, and, third, its combination of quality, value and performance effectively sounded the final death knell for the ailing British motorcycle industry”

CYCLE 1975 found at  motorcyclespecs.co.za


The Classic 1975 Honda 4 into 1 Exhaust.

“Of the many performance enhancing items to be made for the Japanese bikes, none were more popular than the 4 into 1 exhaust system (reputably first introduced by Dave Degens of Dresdafame).

According to Degens, who had been commissioned to build frames for the French Honda importers (Japauto), he built a special set of pipes for the French team to use at the Bol d’Or Endurance race. Degens had correctly surmised that the French circuit would suit a motorcycle that could be leaned over to the maximum before any parts touched down, even if it meant losing some performance from the engine. (It was reported that the Honda factory had tried a similar system and deduced that it did not work!).

The Dresda Honda’s built by Degens went on to win the Bol d’Or classic back-to-back in 1972/3.”



1975 Honda CB440F gas tank


1975 Honda CB550F gas tank


1975 Honda CB750F gas tank