3 years of CB400F

The 3 magic years of CB400F. 1975, 1976 and 1977. Here’s a some photos I found from each year. There were other colors like blue and white I think. Here’s some info about different models from wikipedia.

“Confusion often arises over the two models that were produced. Earlier ‘F’ models had a plain red or blue tank and side-panels running to frame number 1073399. The tanks only bore the words HONDA Super Sport, and the side-panel logo used a font wherein each character was represented by three parallel lines depicting 400FOUR. Up to frame number 1056883 ‘F’ models had swing-arm mounted pillion footrests, but from then on the ‘F’ models had the pillion footrests moved to frame-mounted brackets; it is often assumed that this feature only started with the F2 model but this is not the case. The F2 model commenced with frame number 1073400 and featured a new paint scheme: ‘candy antares red’ or ‘parakeet yellow’. The new paintwork featured stripes on the tank and had a different, angular, font for the ‘400FOUR’ label on the side panels. The F1 model was not shipped to the United Kingdom or Europe. It featured typically a plain yellow tank and black side-panels with the F-type early logo.[3] Today it is not uncommon to see examples restored with F2-type paintwork but F-type logos on the side panels, or F-type early frames with F2-type paintwork.”

1975 honda cb400f

1975 Honda CB400F (CB400F0)

“Fuel tank and side covers are unit color (Varnish Blue or Light Ruby Red). Low handlebars, rearset pegs. Double braced front fender. Transverse facing horn.”

1976 honda cb400f

1976 Honda CB400F (CB400F ’76 or ‘F1’)

“Same as ’75 except: Fuel tank is unit color (Parakeet yellow or Light Ruby Red) and sidecovers are black. Forward facing horn.”

1977 honda cb400f

1977 Honda CB400F (CB400F ’77 or ‘F2’)

“Fuel tank and side covers are unit color (Candy Antares Red or Parakeet Yellow). Fuel tank has recessed cap with hinged cover. Fuel tank has stripes. Sidecovers have new 400FOUR logo. Raised handlebars, non-rearset pegs. Single braced front fender. Forward facing horn. Speedometer has mph and kph markings.”

year model info from here