1966 Honda Commercial Filmed In San Francisco

Honda CB400F1 French Brochure

Here’s a Honda CB400F1 Brochure from 1975 France.  Scanned by Jonathan Wos

Honda – 1982 – The Street

Behind The Ton-Up Boys

Cycle Test 1975 – Honda CB550F Super Sport

In a way, Honda’s middle-size Four is somewhat like the fabled One-Hoss Shay. But the bike is real rather than mythical and it’s appeal comes from qualities much more entertaining than mere mundane… Continue reading

Young Machine 1975 – Honda CB400F

Honda 500 Four

The Only Way To Go

To go this way, or this way, or this way, or this way, or this way, This is the only way to go. Except for this way. Honda CB-750K / 550K 1976

Glamorous and Glorious

CB-550F CB-400F – Honda “First. For good reason”